5 Things to Include in Your Estate Planning

Because life is full of uncertainties, wise individuals try to address end-of-life issues as early as possible in their adulthood and then revisit the specifics as changes are needed over time. By seeking the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney, individuals are able to put into place a formatted plan they want followed. The Connecticut firm of Goldstein & Peck PC is in the business of helping to create peace of mind and secure a family’s future.


Here are five things that are important to include in your estate planning:

1. Name a trusted executor. Some people think they must name a family member to oversee their final wishes. Per the counsel of a Connecticut estate planning attorney, however, if no such family member can be trusted, it may be better to choose an unrelated person who will follow the instructions written in the will.

2. Be very specific as to asset distribution. Cash and financial proceeds usually get listed appropriately in a person’s will. Family heirlooms and antiques, however, can be the source of major rifts in a family. Upon the advice of a Connecticut estate planning lawyer, some people choose to have each member select an heirloom or two, then include the specifics of each choice in the will.

3. Carefully choose the guardian for minor children. Once again, a family member may not be the best choice to care for underage children. The health and age of a grandparent may require him or her to be removed from consideration.

4. Do you wish to donate to a charity? Speak with an experienced estate planning lawyer about leaving cash or assets to a charity. Goldstein & Peck PC can help. It may be advisable to notify family members of your charity wishes that are outlined in your will.

5. Provide instructions for any final services or burial. It is much easier for grieving family members to know exactly how to proceed if the requests are written in a will.


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