A Checklist: When do you need an attorney?

With life come many challenges. You may be prepared to face some of those challenges alone but for certain legal situations you need the guidance of an attorney.
Here are five situations where you should seriously consider contacting a lawyer.

1. When your family or finances are at stake. Many times couples can navigate the divorce system without the help of a divorce lawyer. However, when one spouse becomes aggressive or is threatening to take away your family or hard earned money, it is important to seek professional guidance.

2. When you are planning for the future. No one enjoys thinking about their own death but it is important to provide for the ones you leave behind. Estate planning is vital to assuring your intentions are carried out after you are gone. Regardless of your financial situation, an attorney can assist in creating a plan that minimizes the burden on those you leave behind.

3. When you receive a court summons. If you receive a court summons it usually means you are a defendant in a lawsuit. Courts impose strict deadlines for responses and failing to comply can impact your rights. Consulting with an experienced litigation attorney can protect your interests in this type of situation.

4. When you are injured. No matter what the situation, if you are hurt by someone else it is always a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney. Even if it is only to evaluate your situation, attorney guidance is crucial in helping you become whole again. A skilled attorney can help determine if you can file a personal injury case and what should be your next step in this process.

5. When you are unsure what to do. If you have questions regarding legal matters or are having trouble deciding what course of action to take next, an experienced attorney can offer guidance to set you on course.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, a divorce lawyer or a personal injury attorney at Goldstein & Peck PC has the experience to help. Contact our office to speak with an attorney today.

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